Sichuan Weizhen Hi-tech Material Co., Ltd

610300, Китай, Chengdu, No.3 North Huangjin Road, Qingbaijiang District
Номера телефона
+86 (028) 86601663; +86 () 13028108369
Описание компании
Sichuan Weizhen Hi-tech Material Co., Ltd is a professional company in stainless steel castings in China. Centrifugal casting and sand casting are two main processes included. The company is certificated by ISO9001/ ISO14001 and CE. Most of domestic decanter companies and some one abroad who need stainless steel cylinder sheel/ conical parts are our clients. Many companies who produce stainless pumps/ valves purchase casting from us. We would like our clients to compare our service with the ones supplied by their current suppliers/ former suppliers. Strict to ourselves and doing things concentrated is what we believe to live in a bright future.