18-21 June 2018 • Moscow • Crocus Expo

Interview with the Director of the MIOGE Russian Oil and Gas Exhibition 2017

Olga Luniova, Director of the 14th MIOGE Russian Oil and Gas Exhibition 2017 and the 13th Russian Petroleum and Gas Congress 2017 meets Igor Yuldashev, Editor-in-Chief of the Armtorg Portal.

During the interview Ms. Luniova (Olga) answered questions about on-going preparations for the MIOGE exhibition and congress plans for the future. 

The English translation of the interview follows below:

Igor Yuldashev: Hello, my name is Igor Yuldashev and today I would like you to meet the Director of MIOGE oil and gas event, Olga Luniova, who has found the time to give us an interview.
Hello! Nice to meet you! Well, the firstly and most importantly, please tell us about the history and the current status of the exhibition.

Olga Luneva (Director of the OIL & GAS Exhibition/MIOGE): Thank you, Igor. Of course, it is a great pleasure for me to tell you all about our exhibition, MIOGE or OIL & GAS, which stands for the Moscow International Oil & Gas Exhibition. The exhibition has been held for almost 25 years now.
Throughout this time, the exhibition has passed through various stages of development, but it has always been a vital platform for the industry, for oil experts, so we have always been very pleased with the fact that we are supporting the industry, and we are aware of the responsibility that has been placed on us.

The exhibition is a business platform used by manufacturers to sell their equipment or by other companies to select and purchase the equipment they need for the realization of their production or commercial projects.

The exhibition’s key goal is to offer its participants the opportunity to choose and purchase equipment, expand their marketing and business presence geographically, increase sales, and, generally speaking, find new clients.

Igor Yuldashev: Olga, could you describe a typical visitor of the MIOGE exhibition?

Olga Luneva (Director of the OIL & GAS Exhibition/MIOGE):
Our typical visitor is, first of all, a specialist in the oil and gas industry, representing, as a rule, oil and gas producers, companies providing oil related services or project contractors that are an essential element of the exhibition as they can source the equipment they need and include it into their project at an early planning stage.

Our visitors represent, first and foremost, the oil and gas producing regions of Russia. They visit the MIOGE exhibition to select the technology and equipment they require.

The exhibition is the place where they can look at and compare numerous options available and select the one best suited for their project and production needs.

Igor Yuldashev: Olga, the key element of any exhibition is its B2B program.  So could you tell us about the congress program you are organizing, about its key participants, and the general trends that will be covered in 2017?

Olga Luneva (Director of the OIL & GAS Exhibition/MIOGE):
An essential component of our Exhibition is the Russian Oil & Gas Congress. It is a unique international forum for Russia, gathering oil  and gas industry experts from around 40 countries to discuss current issues, support International dialogue, and find new ways to develop cooperation even during current circumstances... ongoing political issues... right now there are political problems, sanctions, and there has been a decline in the price of oil.

Nevertheless, all the issues discussed during the congress, are pressing.

The congress usually includes a variety of formats – plenary sessions, round tables, and technical meetings: about 20 various events attended by about 1,000 delegates, 120 speakers from, as I’ve already mentioned from 40 countries.

The exhibition also includes a technical program, namely technical conferences, workshops, round tables and so on.

Our technical program in 2017 will be very well supported by major oil and gas international associations.

We have also been working together with the European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers for a long time.

In cooperation with them and as a part of the exhibition we are also preparing a technical conference.  Its themes will likely include seismic and drilling issues, although we have not finalized all the topics yet.
Furthermore, as part of the exhibition we will hold a conference in cooperation with ICoTA, the Intervention & Coiled Tubing Association, for the first time.

Coiled tubing technologies are currently not that popular in Russia, though they are very interesting and promising. We hope this will attract the attention of specialists in this sector.

Igor Yuldashev: Olga, it’s great that we are meeting together here.   We are in Crocus Expo, one of the most modern exhibition centres in Moscow. As we’ve heard, you are planning to relocate and hold your exhibition here. Why here exactly?

Olga Luneva (Director of the OIL & GAS Exhibition/MIOGE):
You’re correct when you say that this is the most modern Moscow exhibition centre, in fact one of the most modern exhibition sites in Russia, that’s right. It has unique transport access, which is very important for Moscow. There are 35,500 free-of-charge parking spaces here, and given that there are over 25 thousand visitors to the exhibition, that is an extremely important factor.

There is also no need to issue entry and parking permits for trucks entering the centre that are bringing in heavy items for the exhibitors.

With regards to the exhibition facility itself and its infrastructure, there are 3 big pavilions, 19 halls with interconnected passages and 49 congress halls with 16 thousand seats.

Another important factor for the further development of our exhibition is the official support it receives from Russian governmental structures as well as major Russian and international industry associations and companies.

At this stage of preparation for the exhibition, almost 10 months prior to the event, we have received the support of the Russian Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the State Duma (Parliament), the Federation Council, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, as well as about 30 major domestic and foreign industry associations who will make contributions.

We are very grateful to them. It is due to their support that we are able to offer an interesting business schedule as part of the exhibition and the congress.

Igor Yuldashev: Do I understand you correctly when you say that your program is focused on these people and organizations? You do your best to attract these people and to make a positive impression on them so that they see tangible results.
What do you offer your participants?

Olga Luneva (Director of the OIL & GAS Exhibition/MIOGE):
Firstly, we offer an exhibition that is in effect a working forum. We are organizing             9 themed sectors across the exhibition. We also offer excellent terms and conditions to our participants.  What I mean is that Crocus Expo has offered us excellent terms and conditions this year, favourable pricing, and we are passing this on directly to our visitors, and that is a bonus, additional flexibility...

Igor Yuldashev: Privileges.

Olga Luneva (Director of the OIL & GAS Exhibition/MIOGE): Right, privileges, and for our visitors too, exactly. Hardly anyone realizes or thinks about this, but the key people at the exhibition are our visitor, our specialists arriving from the oil and gas regions of Russia, from companies providing oil related services to oil producing companies and project institutes. We inform our participants and visitors that the exhibition pays off and is commercially viable.

Many people think that an exhibition is just a party, a show, but I disagree, though, of course, to some extent, it could seem that way at times...

….meetings with partners, socializing, meeting with old classmates and colleagues, it really can seem like an industry party sometimes!

But the most important thing is the end result, that the exhibition is a place where a company can successfully develop its business.

This is what we are all constantly striving for.