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23-26 April 2019 • Moscow • Crocus Expo

MIOGE 2018: the exhibitor preview part two

In part two of our preview of MIOGE 2018 visitors, we showcase leading pipe manufacturers, one of Russia’s biggest oil companies, and one huge brand that has start manufacturing equipment in Russia.
MIOGE 2018: the exhibitor preview part two

More exhibitors to meet at MIOGE 2018

Gazprom is far from the only major attending MIOGE. Tatneft, amongst the largest oil companies in the world, never mind Russia, will be there too. 
Tatneft has had a busy year in 2018 so far. As of April, the major had drilled 128 new wells across its various production sites, including 81 drilling wells and 25 new wells drilled in either side tracking or lateral horizontal trunks.
For the future, however, Tatneft is looking outside of Russia. It is part of a conglomerate of Russian majors, alongside Rosneft, Gazprom, and Lukoil, in investing $50 billion in Iranian E&P projects.
Find out more about what the future holds for Tatneft at MIOGE this year.
Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd
China’s Huawei has conquered many sectors in its time, from mobile phones to cloud-based IT solutions. It also has a strong line in ICT infrastructure and software solutions for the oil and gas industry.
Its Intelligent Oilfield system, for instance, allows for full monitoring and real-time data acquisition at all points of oilfield operations. Using its cloud expertise, Huawei allows for smooth collaboration between HQs and teams-on the ground. 
Its tech also covers security, multi-media comms, offshore monitoring technology and digital communication presenting a full package for oil and gas operators.
National Oilwell Varco
Needing no introduction is National Oilwell Varco (NOV) – a global leader in oil and gas equipment manufacturing. NOV dominates international markets, and for a number of years has been making real headway into Russia.
In fact, NOV is at the forefront of localised production of oil and gas equipment at in Russia. Thanks to sanctions placed on imports, and the Russian government’s import substation policy, many suppliers are moving production to Russian sites. NOV was one of the first, opening a gleaming new factory in Kostrama in 2016.
As such, NOV is enjoying an expanded market presence throughout Russia, as it has drawn on its experience manufacturing equipment for use in Canada’s Arctic reaches. Russian oil and gas developments are often in harsh climates, similar to Northern Canada, hence why NOV climate tested-tech is being employed by many Russian majors. 
For more information on NOV’s localisation efforts, download our free report “Oil & Gas Localisation in Russia: The New Frontier” today.
Mannesmann Grossrohr
In 1866, the Mannesmann Brothers changed the world when they successfully rolled the irst seamless still pipe in history. Since then, through many different iterations, Mannesmann has been at the forefront of pipeline technology.
Visit the Mannesmann Grossrohr website and it’ll tell you it can connect any two points on the globe with their natural gas and oil pipelines. A glance at their projects, which span the globe from Kazakhstan to the Colorado Rockies, shows the brand could probably achieve this.
While Russian oil and gas pipelines might not be long enough to connect the globe, Mannesmann products could very well make this a reality. Visit them at MIOGE 2018 to find peerless gas transportation solutions and storage products.
LG Avtomatika
Valves are an integral part of successful oil and gas projects, and LG Avtomatika ranks as one of Russia’s top suppliers of these essential pieces of equipment.
Taking a look at LG Avtomatika’s product range reveals valves for all major applications. Whether you need solutions for steam management, contamination-restricting valves, or require a custom-made design to meet your bespoke needs, LG Avtomatika’s portfolio contains products necessary for successful up and downstream operations.

View the full exhibitor list.

Meet all these exhibitors and more at MIOGE 2018

MIOGE is the perfect place for you to meet, network, and do business with the leading players in the global and Russian oil and gas industry. For visitors, it’s the ideal venue to discover the latest solutions and technologies from the foremost international manufacturers.
Visitor registration is free. Click to secure your e-ticket and start growing your relationships with the above exhibitors and hundreds more at the Moscow International Oil & Gas Exhibition.