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Russian oil & gas: the associations you need to know

The oil & gas industry in Russia is huge, so governing it is a big task. Russia is no stranger to unions, and it employs many such organisations to help it monitor, promote and regulate its extensive hydrocarbons sector. Here’s a who’s who of the groups you need to know.
Russian oil & gas: the associations you need to know

Russia’s leading oil & gas associations and organisations


Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation

It goes without saying that you’ll need to have at least a basic understanding of the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation if you want to do business there. Hydrocarbons production and export accounts for over 40% of government budgets, so oversight extensive oversight is essential in Russia’s oil & gas industry.
Falling under the Ministry’s regulatory scope are various processes, including oil production and processing, pipeline construction, development of hydrocarbon fields, petrochemistry and brokering production-sharing agreements.
Of course, the Ministry sets policy regarding energy, but it also oversees the majority of the other associations and unions involved in Russian oil & gas production. It is also a major shareholder in key companies, such as Gazprom and Rosneft, as well as being sole owner of the state pipeline monopoly Transneft.
The current Energy Minister is Alexander Novak.

Union of Oil & Gas Producers of Russia

Apart from the Ministry of Energy, the Union of Oil & Gas Producers of Russia is probably the most powerful group in Russian hydrocarbons. Formed in 1992 of the 50 largest Russian oil companies, the Union has been instrumental in outlining the present and future of hydrocarbons production.
The Union has a multi-faceted agenda falling under the umbrella of industry corporate solidarity, uniting the oil & gas community under mutually beneficial terms and interests. To do this, the group promotes close cooperation with the government and Union members, plus international organisations like OPEC and the OECD. 
Activity includes influencing legislation, instigating business deals, and ensuring a favourable operational environment for energy companies, as well as their foreign partners.

Union of Oil & Gas Equipment Manufacturers

Despite sanctions not biting quite as hard as their implementers would like, Russia has restricted access to necessary E&P technology. The Union of Oil & Gas Equipment Manufacturers, already a powerful organisation, is going to become even more indispensable while those restrictive international measures stay in place.
Since 1998, this Union has acted as a bridge between the government and equipment buyers (i.e. Russian gas & oil companies). It helps sets high standards for equipment manufactured in Russia, including localised production owned by foreign brands like National Oilwell Varco, GE, and Schlumberger.
So how does it go about it? The Union promotes members’ equipment in both international and domestic markets, overseas production processes to improve efficient and end quality, provides information on members’ activities.
Over 100 companies make up the Union of Oil & Gas Equipment Manufacturers. 

Association of Gas & Oil Complex Builders

Building a green-site operation, upgrading an existing field or undergoing any form of construction work? Then chances are you’ll be working with the Association of Gas & Oil Complex Builders, the body behind building activities at hydrocarbon project sites.
Here, the onus is on ensuring all operations, be they refinement facilities, production plants, pipelines, worker residences, and pretty much any sectoral building work you can think of, is up to standard. So that means compliance with government construction legislation, as well as making sure fixtures, fittings and welding is up to code and a high quality.

All-Russian Industrial Association of Oil & Gas Industry Employers

With over 2.5 million employees, energy is a big deal in Russia. As the industry is just enormous, the All-Russian Industrial Association of Oil & Gas Industry Employers was formed to uphold workers’ rights.
Working in oil & gas can be very harsh, especially in some of the more extreme Russian regions like the Far East or North Arctic. As such, the Association works hard to ensure workers’ pay, living conditions, and general work environment is up to international standards. In fact, just this year, the Association guaranteed pay premiums for oil & gas project workers in the Far North of Russia, where LNG is picking up with real vigour.
As well as the Ministry of Energy, the group works alongside the Ministry of Labour. The latest range of agreements set between the Association and various Ministries in in place until 2019, when a new two-year set of conditions will be negotiated.

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